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    Through different activities, the YES Initiative aims to empower youth by providing a sense of purpose, ownership and self-efficacy.

WHAT is the YES initiative?

A platform for youths to be empowered through support and growth in their journey of living and leading purposeful lives.

YES Mission: Forming communities in which youths with mental health issues build resilience to live meaningful lives.

YES Vision: Empowering youths with mental health issues to reach their potential.

Through different activities, the YES Initiative aims to empower youths by providing a sense of purpose, ownership and self-efficacy.

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WHY is this the YES initiative?

Titled "Your Empowered Self" (YES), each component holds a meaning:

Your — Sense of ownership to define what encompasses living and leading meaningful lives

Empowered — Participants are equipped with tools and skills needed to embark on the journey towards self-efficacy and self-actualisation

Self — Recognition and respect that each individual has unique needs and goals as a precursor to building relationships and living well in social communities

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WHO will join the YES initiative?

Youths, aged 18 to 30, at risk of or suffering from mental illnesses.


HOW will the YES initiative help?

The YES initiative aims to:

  • Provide early prevention, detection and intervention for youths with mental illnesses 

  • Foster community services as a support network for youths with mental illnesses 

  • Promote positive mental wellbeing and enabling youths with mental illnesses to thrive independently 


The Year Ahead

Varying themes congruent to significant events occurring within that particular month helps build a deeper awareness of self with the community. Components of the YES Initiative are structured thematically to help facilitate awareness and relationships within the YES community.

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WHAT can you do now?

  1. Spread the word about the YES Initiative!
  2. Join us as a #volunteer
  3. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @theYESinitiative
  4. #Register for this programme!


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Outreach Booth: 'Make Wellness Your Goal' Nee Soon South Active Ageing Community Health Carnival
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